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Rotoscoping, keying how to in AE?

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I have a scene in Cinema 4D which I exported as multipass in order to composite in After Effects. It's an explosion basically, combined with live footage.

I have this sequence where I have to have some leaves (which are shot in live footage) going in front of the explosion, not behind. That's means masking/rotoscoping.


What is the easiest and fastest way to rotoscope those leaves? I tried the Rotoscope brush from After Effects and it is still a tedious process because I have to remove the content which are in between leaves, not just at the margin. 

Also I tried Keylight to key out the blue from the sky but I still have some green artifacts at the edge of the leaves (although the color which was keyed out was blue, not green). How do I get rid of those green artifacts and make the mask smooth and dandy? See the image...


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You could try to make your original footage black and white.  Use the Levels effect to create more contrast in the leaves. Then try to key again.


Maybe a little bit desaturation so the edges reduce the  bright green color. Try to place the leaves little bit out of focus.


Keying In Keylight is always finding the perfect balance of different parameters. You can try to set the view to 'intermediate result'.

Rotobrush: If the leaves or footage is shaking. -> enable motion blur in the rotoscope brush.

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