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Exporting Specular pass

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If I export a specular pass (I'm sure this is the same for a lot of passes) How do I render out a pass that doesn't have the specular, so I can comp it on in post?

Is this the RGBA pass? If so, why is it when I import this pass into Ae, It comes out much darker than the standard render, is there a setting I need to know about to make the colours import correctly?


I hope this makes sense, and thanks for the help

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@IvyBarringer One of the greatest things I ever learned (and started implementing) was how to completely rebuild my renders using all of the appropriate passes, so this is a great question!


Start by outputting the following passes: Diffuse, Specular, Reflection, Refraction, Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, Caustics, Illumination


Don't worry if some of these passes show up as black. If you do not have any objects in your scene using Illumination, then that pass will not be considered when compositing. Same thing goes for Refraction if you do not have any transparent objects.


Once you have all of your passes output, you can combine them in After Effects, Photoshop, or any other software using the Add blending mode.


The last step would be to compare this composited result to your original beauty render to make sure everything translated properly.


If everything went well, you can now make edits to any given pass independently or even turn off certain passes in order to see what effect they are having on your overall render!


Let me know how this works for you and if you have any other questions 🙂

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