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Rules for modeling characters parts?

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when i'm modeling how am i supposed to know how many segments I need to attach an arm or to attach a head to the body? I always find that when doing so I end up having to create extra loop/line cuts to compensate when stitching or bridging? Is there an equation or something I can go off of?

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5 hours ago, SwoopNebula said:

 Is there an equation or something I can go off of?


No, not really. There is too much variation in scope and use cases with characters to have any sport of applicable global standard I'd say...
You base the amount of loops in your form on the amount of detail you need to represent for the specific application for which your model is destined, and usually there will be an equivalent amount of detail elsewhere on it, but that's about as much as you can generally say. I could tell you that you will see a lot of meshes where the arms or legs (for example) are built on vaguely circular loops of 8-16 polys, but you'd see a hell of a lot of variation in how those limbs were connected to a torso, and hands / feet. All depends how much detail you need where, and what the model is for.


One of the key skills in poly modelling is forward planning such that you create geometry that has the right amount of loops in the right places almost from the time you build them. The most experienced modellers can be thinking up to 20 or 30 moves ahead when they place their base loops (it's like chess!), but you can get a feel for these things with only a few years of doing it, and you can make progress in this area after just a few months. But initially, you will find yourself adding (or taking away) loops to make sections match, and this isn't anything you need to worry too much about when you are early on in your modelling studies. What is important is that when you add or remove loops you adjust them and their neighbouring loops to maintain any established curvature, and don't let any new edges you add disrupt the poly flow elsewhere.


But if you are on to making characters, then really the best tutorial series I could ever recommend is the cafe's own on the female form, which really does comprehensively take you through the entire thought process behind character modelling in an extraordinary level of detail for a free tutorial. Check that out here, but you should be aware that these are relatively advanced tutorials for people who already know the modelling toolset very well, so bear that in mind. But if you have watched the entire series and followed along making your own character model, you should have nearly all of your modelling questions answered by it including the ones about loop matching...



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