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Trying to upg/buy R20 studio license..

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Hello all.
Just like a lot of you, I am also quite disappointed at MAXON and the way they are handling business from now on, specially the lack fo care and options to former perpetual users like me. 
I have the studio license for R18, and I wanted to get the Full R20 upgrade, and tried to contact MAXON in several ways to see if it could happen, even paying for the R21 upgrade, and downloading the previous version, but they have no interest in offering this option...   
I like the things that R21 is offering, but the features like offline help and having to log on to use the software is a big no no for me.
The upgrade price alone is 1.500 euro more or less, but I saw some people selling their full R20 licenses here at this forum for 1000-1200..  
I am planning to move eventually to blender too, but right now, and for at least 1-2 years, I need to continue working with C4D since most of my clients overseas works with it, and we need to exchange files, etc... 

What would be the best thing for me to do? Try to buy a second hand license from someone? Is this a legal/safe way to acquire a license? 
Im a bit lost, so any advice in my situation, would be a tremendous help.

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