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How does your Render menu look like

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For the first time, a C4D release doesn't work out of the box.
I have R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20 and now R21. All Studio versions.
All paid by myself, I am a one-man business. And I don't even  make money using C4D, to boot. I am a programmer, multimedia is a very expensive side activity for me. I use it for non-profit projects, to visualize environmental issues. We have a lot of them now, and it is getting worse every day.
Now - I was on MSA several years, and now I got my R21 which I own. But it doesn't work properly.
I also purchased Redshift directly from Redshift3D. This renderer works fine in all versions R16-R20. But not on R21.
I have been in contact with Redshift support, which delivers super duper excellent customer service, can't be better than what they do.
And I have posted to the bugs forum in the Café. And I have also submitted a support request to MAXON, an they have also been responsive, although now I think they won't be back before Monday.

I post to this forum because I just wonder how you R21 menus look like.
This is how my R21 Renderer menu looks, only three items!

This is how my R20 Renderer menu looks like:



The Get Redshift menu item is greyed out in R21. And Redshift does not appear on the main menu at all.


How is it on your R21?



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I have seen a couple of posts on this forum of users reporting PreRender missing.


These are my R21 Render Settings




This is my Extensions. Get Redshift is greyed out too. I don't have Redshift installed though, or is that supposed to be a link to buy it?


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i don't have redshift installed yet for r21, but prorender is showing up... but the "get redshift" item in the extensions menu is also greyed out, which doesn't seem to make sense at all. and yes, i suppose it's a link to buy it.

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The reason that Prorender does not show up is explained by MAXON in an e-mail to me today:

The problem arises when the CPU supports SSE 4.2.
We contacted AMD (the developer of ProRender) and are now waiting for solutions.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way around the problem, and we first have to install a solution here.

I don't use Prorender, so for me this is not very important. Hope the CPU suporting SSE 4.2 does not have any other side effects.

And why Get Redshift is greyed out in the menu.. for all of us.. this is puzzling.


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