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Garcia Loic

Disable Dynamic inside Spline Wrap

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I have this Object.


Tentacles are generated by the hair.

They fall on the Sphere with Hair Dynamics and a collision tag on the sphere.
I placed the sphere under the cylinder, to take advantage of gravity, and that the tentacles fall on the sphere.
They are not fixed, they move on the sphere.


Then I want to take all this Object in a Spline Wrap, to be able to move it, to animate it.

But the tentacles fall down once in the spline Wrap.
And no longer surround the sphere as in the original object.

How to preserve the original dynamics of the object.

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Have you tried caching the hair dynamics ?



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  • I've been thinking about it.
    But I would like to keep control over the movement.
    By playing with the friction of the hair collider Tag

    Moreover, the tentacles do not fall on the visible sphere, but on a second, which is invisible.
    By changing the scale of this second sphere the tentacles are expanded



    But I tried anyway.
    I left the form in its place. Launched "Calculate" in the Cache tab and waited for the end of the caching.

    The Dynamic Cache box is checked.
    I'm activating the Spline Wrap.
    And I get this result.




    Unless I don't do everything right.
    It doesn't seem to be working.


    I uploaded this element. If anyone wants to take a look.Cheshire Cat xx Tentacle.c4d

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  • Well, I give up.
    Two days I've been on it.
    I've tried other solutions, but as soon as I add dynamics inside Spline Wrap, it doesn't react correctly.

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    You have to remember that not every system within Cinema works with every other system, and it looks like hair and spline-wrap are 2 such systems. If you think about this logically it is easy to see why this cannot work. The dynamics are telling the geo to do one thing, and the spline wrap is telling it to do something else. You need to find another way to animate the base object to which the hair is attached that doesn't actively prevent the hair dynamics working.



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