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Garcia Loic

Clone & Spline Wrap.

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I have these two Objects   01.JPG.648b3aa5e61c7935bcb234da0e5b6462.JPG


With a Spline controlled by an IK spline, I get this result : 02.JPG.370382ec450fbf90ea14e90735563d1d.JPG


I then use a Cloner and a circle spline, to multiply the small shape around the Sphere and which blends into the main cylinder.03.JPG.445b0c73f9888b477da3da03ee2166b1.JPG

I want to control the whole thing afterwards, by a second Spline Wrap. But I get this result.05.thumb.JPG.fd044ae851b6824e5f0beb87d9bb309f.JPG

Why, and how to remedy it?
The hierarchy of my objects seems correct to me.
I want to keep all the spline control elements.



Tentacle 02.c4d

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That is a nice rig 🙂


You will have issue with cloned splinewrap, especially if you try to splinewrap twice and if mesh is skinned. It would be better idea to just align the splinewrapped mesh to spline. Here is a quickie hope you can use the Xpresso and adapt it to your needs

Tentacle 04.c4d

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