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Isolated Points

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Pardon me if I am posting this in the wrong location. In the C4DCafe series, Isolated points are mentioned in these two videos. However, my system does not seem to generate these "isolated points" and it's impacting my progression through the problem solving video so I thought I would ask here if there's a place this is controlled in Cinema4D ? I'm using student R20 59 (i think).

Thanks in advance! (P.S. So grateful for these outstanding videos. Much appreciated !)

Mesh Checking: isolated points


Problem Solving portion:


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That is correct - In R20 deleting points with polys is optional, so it is harder to create isolated vertices than it was in earlier versions (like where the tutorial was made). But you can still get them. Create a single polygon (primitives menu), make it editable, go to polys mode, select the poly and do shift+delete. In points mode you should see the points remain, and are now isolated. It was holding shift as you deleted the poly that left them there.





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