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IBC 2019 Presentation / Live Stream


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Hey folks, its IBC 2019 time. A lot of good presenters so enjoy the show and keep discussions polite! 



11:00am "What’s New in Cinema 4D Release 21" with Glenn Frey - Maxon

12:00pm "Cinema 4D Characters in Television / Ornatrix Hair Plugin Sneak Peak" with Can Erduman - Freelance

1:00pm "YETI’s footprint with C4D" with Tony Zagoraios & Thanos Kagkalos - YETI Pictures

2:00pm "Abstract Art with C4D" with Nidia Dias - NidiaDias.com

3:00pm "Visualising a Brand with Cinema 4D" with Andy Needham - imcalledandy Ltd

4:00pm "Digital Fashion for the 3D Artist" with Amin Farah - TheBlackLab Studio

5:00pm "Steampunk Meets the Neoclassical" with Sophia Kyriacou - Sophia Kyriacou and BBC




Unfortunately there is no YouTube stream so we cannot stream it from C4D Cafe directly!



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6 minutes ago, hobbyist said:

@Igor do you know if these are available in the evenings to catch up on c4dlive? I won't get a chance to watch todays presentations live.

I think it will be available on YouTube later. Ill put video here if thats the case!

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I see the entire days recording is available on C4Dlive when I got home.


Just watched the "What's New in C4D" by Glenn Frey. 


That was a nice walkthrough of the new additions! This was exactly what I was looking for (presentation wise).

Field forces still top of my list to play with. 

The volume rendering example he showed looked really sweet. That fireball thing looked like something would usually get from TFD or more recently XP.  

Dare I say the Bevels example was nice too 👍

Colour swapping is a nice update, align to spline going greater than 100% is also nice. 

Not sure I'd have time to see the other presentations before they're gone from c4d live, so hopefully not too long of a delay when uploaded to YouTube.

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