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Volume Builder Vectors in a Field Force

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Hi everyone,


I just got my hands on the new R21 and I'm playing around with Field Forces. Now, already after 15min I noticed how complex this entire topic is and I've almost never used fields at this point, so that probably doesn't help at all.

I created some vectors with the help of the Volume Builder and now I want to use those vectors inside a Field Force. I have no idea how to get these vectors to work inside the Field Force though. It's probably super simple, but I can't find it. The vectors are definitely there, I can see them in the preview:



I have attached the sample project as well. Does anyone of you know how to accomplish this or are the Field Forces still a giant blackbox?




EDIT: I've just looked at the documentation some more. Unfortunately all it says, or at least what I could find is this: "What are these Volume Vectors good for? You can, for example, control forces using the Field Force."


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Author of the topic Posted

Found it! You have to go into your field Ffrce object and add the "volume object". Your cursor changes to the selection tool and THEN you have to click onto the volume builder object in your object manager.


Also, in my case, I had to turn the force of the field force to a pretty ridicilous number to actually get an effect out of it.

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Hallo DasFrodo,


You can just drag the volumebuilder into the fiel list in the field force. It helps to either add a normalize layer in the volumebuilder or to normalize in the field list in the direction tab if you activate remapping. The default volume vectors are quite short.





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