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Adding hair/fur to a tail mesh

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Hi guys, I'm trying to make a fox tail model to add to some cosplay photos later in photoshop but I haven't figured out the best way to add the hair to the mesh yet, I also haven't really used this part of C4D much so I'm having some difficulties.

Here's the mesh I'm working with:



Something like this would be the ideal look:



Would it be better to use the "Add hair" tool or the "Fur" tool? I'm also not sure which is the best way to groom the hair properly.

Thank you in advance!

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Well, the good news is that it's quite easy to make hair look like that, and the hair tool(s) are very much up to the job in this case. No need to do it with 'fur'. In fact you can't do it with fur if you need to manually style it.


Grooming it can be done with the hair tools like brush, comb etc, all of which you can find about in the manual or by watching one of the more comprehensive hair tutorial series' that are floating about youtube... here's a good one from cafe member @Rectro which is very well regarded and thorough, though probably way more detail than you actually need to make this.



You only really need to know how to apply hair, how to alter its length, and some general basic knowledge about the hair material which controls its overall appearance to make this, so perhaps this starter hair video is more useful to you than the complete guide above...



The secret to producing really nice 'luxury' fur is to have very thin hairs, and many thousands of them, and to get the scene lighting right, on which fur looking good so heavily depends. Just 2 omni lights with soft shadows would be ideal. You also want to render with Standard Render, not Physical because hair always looks better with the renderer it was designed for.





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Yes you can do this with ease, and given that you have the shape of the mesh providing you have some decent edge loops going down the vertical you can select and convert selected edges to splines, and use these as guides for the hair.   Given that its a simple thing to make you could even use a capsule primitive shape,, grow hairs from that and add a few joints if you wanted it posible. 


1: Make a Capsule  adjust it to be long and thin and with relatively even segments, Make it editable.

2: Add hair to whole object and add a Hair collision object to the capsule

3: Starting in the Hair Mode/Tips set the collisions high just to keep them away from the geometry if needed. Use the Move tool to get the hair in the right direction, or use the Hair objects Dynamics Relax button setting enough frames to slightly drape the hair.

4: Using the Brush with it set to Move and work your style from all angles.


5: Set up the thickness so it has a thin start, gets thicker then thinnest to the tips. (ctrl + click on curve to add knots)

6:  To get where your adjusting I set up the clump 100% for clump and Clump count with remove variation. Expand the clumping Tab and use the limit amount to adjust how many clump show, lower values produce more clumps.  Then dial back the clump amount and introduce some variation.

7: Frizz, set the curve so it has more to the roots left size o the curve, and less at the tips, have a low value for amount.

8:  Bring down the specular, its way too high by default.

9:  Use the Colour Tint adding a colour to the texture slot, this adds random tints by percentage in the Hair value.

10: Add some lights, basic omni ones are fine, turn on area shadows, and in detail tab use inverse square for better shadows at the cost of render time.  You can add a Hair light object to the lights and use a soft map of 750x


Here is a vert fast example.  I will post screen shots later on.




fox tail.jpg

fox tail.c4d

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