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Best way to texture paper (Octane)


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Hey guys,


I am trying to create a scene with papers in it. Something similar to this and this


Although i know its simple to create paper texture, im asking for your expertise to know how to take it to the next level (Have nothing to show at this point)


Do you think it's enough to add a paper texture image for "Diffuse" and "Normal" or should there be paper textures as well for "Roughness" and "Bump"? if i want it to look realistic and imperfect should i add a grunge image to "Rougness" or to "Bump"?


Kind of having things mixed up here so i want to know how you would treat the texturing channels to get good quality crisp paper textures, cause right now im still working with the texturing without knowing if the most important aspect is "Diffuse" or the other ones..


Thank you

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Use some good hi res texture image of paper for diffuse, and make normal map of it (here you can find both paper and normal map, with other maps https://www.poliigon.com/search?query=Paper&type=texture).

Paper reflections should be blurred, and use some smaller value for normal map strength.

Also you can bend a little paper surface, to add more realism to it.



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2 hours ago, AlexisB said:

Octane, but i didnt post it on there cause i think this has to do with the technicality of texturing, not directly connected to the renderer..

Nope - that very much IS directly connected to the renderer, and generally speaking, the people that have Octane are best placed to help you, which is why it should say that in the title and be in that category..



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57 minutes ago, DasFrodo said:

A very important factor in this is that paper let's light trough and scatters it to some extend. So you might need SSS. Consider that for your material, especially if it's not flat on a table or if there's very strong light sources in the scene.

SSS means subscattering surface? 

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