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Boundary First Flattening

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I have written a plugin that uses the open source library Boundary First Flattening. This is a UV mapping tool to automatically create a best seam for your model and then flatten it out into one UV island.


This is a very early beta version for Windows users only currently. But if there is interest in this plugin I can bring it to OSX as well.  I hope to spend more time on this if it is of interest to everyone, since there is a lot more features I can still add to this system to help you define how the UV map gets generated.


Here are a couple of examples of the plugin in action.





This is available now to R20 users on Patreon for Alpha Plugin subscribers: https://www.patreon.com/posts/boundary-first-29262933

You can also buy it separately for R20 from here: https://www.plugins4d.com/bff

And for R21 it is currently only available in my bundles but I will eventually break this out into its own purchasable plugin again. 

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