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Imported spline broken up by Extrude

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I imported an *.AI file, a Starbucks logo, as a spline and added the Extrude object to it as a child.

To my surprise, c4d generated a set of 8 subpaths.  Is this normal?

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You mean added the Extrude as a parent of the spline right ?

I would have expected that logo to consist of fair sight more than 8 sub-paths, but it won't be Cinema that makes them, it'll be Illustrator that determines that I think...


Could you post the scene file so we can more clearly see what you mean ?



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In case splines are not closed, your Extrude object only extrude splines as paths  /without caps/.

...but maybe you mean something other...

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  • Ah yes, I see it now (the little plus icon preceding the *.AI file in the Object Manager).  THANKS.

    Oooo, I did come across a bit of a stumbling block that users might be wary of :  when using Connect Objects (+Delete) be sure to 'twirl down' all the "+" splines because selecting the parent in the collapsed state will not include the subsidiary splines in the "Connect" operation, but it WILL DELETE the non-included splines (despite their not being connected).  So, something to be aware of.  Profit from my confusion.

    (In this case: the "mouth" and "nose" splines are children of the "face" spline, path #6.)

    Just for funnzies, here's the AI file in question - I recommend importing it with a scale of 0.001.

    Starbux Logo.ai

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