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Mirza Kadic

C4D to AE - Workflow ideas

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Hi folks, first of all, I hope this thread is in right section, if not, moderators should kindly move it to right section.


I'm trying to find the best / easiest / quickest workflow to transfer position data from C4D to AE. Mind you that there is a lot of individual pieces in C4D that will have to have position data in After Effects. Please see attached picture.


Imagine this shape being a image/footage placeholder in after effects. Every piece has to move. 

If I put compositing tag on every voronoi fracture piece, then how to get it to work in after effects. 

My thinking was to somehow trace a mask in AE, then assign every traced piece position from C4D etc. Doing this for one animation seems impossible, doing this for 20-30 animations seems like hell. So, hopefully you understand what I'm trying to achieve... 


Any workflow ideas are welcomed and much appreciated!!!


Thanks in advance,




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@Mirza Kadic What exactly is the final result you're trying to achieve? I'm thinking we can work backwards and come up with a solution for you

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