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Frac obj. bricks to fall into place

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So I have a stone wall made up of a few hundred separate stones objects ( extruded splines ) and I am trying to get them to fall in to place like tumbling rain.


I have the wall setup in final place. What would be a good Mograph and effector / fields setup for this?   They need to fall in rough rows to the finished position. Perhaps bouncing off each other?


I am thinking of mograph and fields as they do have small gaps between them and making them dynamic objects would drop the stones at the start.


Or should I be looking at X-Particles which I also have. 


thanks in advance for any Ideas.

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No, you can do this with regular Mograph. So pop all your bricks inside a Fracture, and with that selected, add whatever effectors you need to make the bricks move upwards away from their final positions. The simplest option there would be a plain effector that moves stuff up on Y (presuming Y is up in your scene). Then you can use a Linear (or any other) field in the falloff of that, and animate its position so the bricks fall into place.


If you need a more spectacular (say dynamics-based) animation then the key there would be to begin the simulation with all the bricks in place, run and cache your dynamics that make them all float off (positive gravity value), then reverse the whole animation in post to make them appear to fall into place...



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