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Cineversity login

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I’ve been away for awhile. 

I’m trying to login into my Cineversity account.

I have R20 with an active MSA.


Am I no longer allowed to login with what was my older user name and password?


I’m assuming I have to go through some sort of online registration process to access?


I don’t believe I was sent an email alerting me to any of this.


thanks for any assistance out there.

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Not affiliated with Cineversity but I do have login credentials from MSA.

Maybe its just an backend error. How about emailing the admin? info@cineversity.com

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I had to log in yesterday as well, and it worked only with the MyMaxon credentials, not with those I set separately before for Cineversity. Apparently, the access control has been shifted over to MyMaxon for that as well.


As Cineversity seems available now only for MSA or subscription customers, this is probably enforced for existing accounts as well. (As R20 owner with MSA, you have R21 potentially too so you'd need a MyMaxon account anyway.)


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Yes indeed. That is what I was just told by MAXON.:)


thank you!

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