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Material to vertex color


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In order to bake highpoly models vertex colors are the best way to define material IDs across multiple meshes.
I could not find a way to set that up easily, other tools like Modo seem to have such a feature.

So what I need is a tool that draws the vertex color based on the material diffuse color. The tool should also disconnect the mesh selections as otherwise there are no hard edges and in some situations the colors can not be applied correctly like shown below. The command should apply to the current selection of meshes.

If there is no solution and you think that you can do that may PM me.


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Just tried it, didn't seem to work and it seems that I need one shader field for each material? All this is more of a burden and I need a quick workflow before I export, especially when I may want to make changes to the meshes and materials. I'd rather have the source to be materials, the vertex colors I only need for export.

But I learned now that disconnection isn't necessary if the vertex mode set to Polygon Points.

Maybe I can try to just use vertex colors from the beginning, the main downside is that they do not show up in the editor unless the tag is selected. The downside would be that there is no clear connection across multiple meshes, the color needs to be the same and a material guarantees that. Otherwise I need to do some color picking that can be wrong on occasion.

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