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Feather trough tube effect. without hair

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Well I had 2 copies of the object before I did any Matrix Extrudes, so I just did different ME settings on each model (keeping point count the same though) and then used that second mesh as the PM reference for the Pose 0.


But if we look closely, TBH my results aren't much better than yours, in that the falloff here is not actually giving us the sort of deformation we need in the way that it at first appears it might be doing ! 🙂  I did spend some time trying to precisely offset the field from the tube it's sinking into until I had 'almost great' results, but could never quite get it flawless.


The problem now is that the falloff only affects the areas it comes into direct contact with, rather than bending the entire 'hair' upwards when the base of that hair is contacted, as per presumably the effect we are trying to get ? I haven't found a way round that yet, but may get some time to come back to it later in the day....



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