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Team Render Installs with new r21

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What do you mean "now"? Did the process change or have you not done it before? It's super easy. If you have the manual installed, it's in the Additional Functions sections of the manual. Read up on it and if you still have questions, post back here.

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So here is the clarification. I am now up and running.


Well before you would choose the option to install as a render client rather than studio or others.

Now you do a regular install and there is a icon to run just a client.

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I see. As for the clients, you should just be able to run the installer on each computer you want as a node, but don't put the SN in the box. It will then only install the client. Just a few settings like Announce on Network, add a security token and make sure you have all your plug-ins and Content Browser items for each node and you're good to go to Verify each one in the Team Render Machines window on your main system.



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