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$25 for Corel Painter 2019


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Humble Bundle has a Painter bundle that includes Corel Painter 2019 a $430 program with a lot of brushes worth $160 and some other cool programs all for $25.  PhotoMirage looks interesting with the way it's able to give movement to photos. 


I've been using Krita because it's free, but Painter has some really cool brushes that Krita does not have.  Thick paint in Corel looks almost like real thick paint in real life.  It can be blended between different colors, spread, and piled on in a 2.5D manner.

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Already took advantage of the deal. Great bargain. Humble Bundle do have some great offers on now and then. Depending on your needs the book bundle are great. If you want to get away from Adobe then this bundle is a pretty good replacement for photoshop. I already had a few of these from previous humble bundle offers but it was worth getting for Painter 2019 for $25.

If you haven't used Humble bundle before, some of the cash goes to charity. You also have the slightly limited option to choose where the money goes option to. For this offer you get three sliders to balance how much money goes to charity, Corel and Humble bundle themselves. Just move the sliders about until it balances out to your taste. Pretty cool.


Here's what you get for $25

Corel Painter 2019

PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020

AfterShot 3 for PaintShop Pro

PhotoMirage Express for PaintShop Pro

GRFX Studio for PaintShop Pro



Gravit Designer PRO 1 Year

Painter® Essentials 6 for PaintShop Pro

Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate

Parallels Toolbox for PaintShop Pro


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Purchased, and installed Painter 2019. The last time I used Painter is about 12 years ago.

My impressions: laggy, slow canvas panning and zooming (zooming slows down to the point of myself unable to bear it), bad anti-aliasing when zoomed out with thin inked lines, pretty terrible GUI and usability design - compared to Krita and ClipStudio Paint.


But the worst is the drawing feel, which just feels very off to me. In Krita and ClipStudio the apps keep with me, and the overall feeling is just great and fluid. In Painter 2019 even simple brushes the entire drawing experience and feel is just not that nice.


It seems Painter 2020 improves on the GUI and overall brush engine speed, but who would update and spend hundreds of dollars on an update based on Painter 2019 and compared to other digital painting apps which offer a much nicer GUI experience as well as smooth drawing/painting feel?


And still no 16bit and 32bit image modes? Worse, inking with a thin pen on a zoomed out A4 canvas at 300 ppi and 1200 ppi results in wonky lines. An old issue that still plagues Painter 2019 on Windows (other apps like Krita, ClipStudio Paint, and the latest  Photoshop versions fixed this).


An interesting flashback to the past. A shame, because the brush engine features options still missing in most/many other ditigal painting apps, but the usability and drawing experience ruins it all for me.

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