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Rotated bounding box: how to reset?

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Somehow I managed to get a flat spline's bounding box rotated 45°.  I'm not sure if it matters, but it bugs me.  😖🤪

1)  How did I probably do this???
2) How can I reset the bounding box so that it conforms to the bounds of the (flat) spline?

Here's a screenie of the situation:

spline rot.png

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Looking primarily at the Editor Axis orientation top left of each Window, compare that to mine below...




Note how in my Top, Right and Front viewports those axes are set to World Space (Viewport / View Menu) and are fully planar to the camera. In yours they are not (yours is 45 degrees off in right view), which means those viewports are not setup correctly, which will be why the bounding box was created wrongly when you drew the spline. Not sure how you would have achieved that (maybe workplane was changed ?), but if you fix it, then I am nearly 100% that you would also fix the bounding box issue with any spline you create after that. Initially I would try setting Frame Default (Viewport / View Menu) in each of those orthographic views, and then check my editor axes were planar / looked like my screenshot.


As for how you'd fix the duff Bounding box you have now, I am not certain of any way to do that other than by fixing the VPs and drawing it again.  





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  • Whoa!  WTHeck?  I've yet to (knowingly) use the Workplane, and I certainly don't know how those vports got turned around.

    Thanks for noticing.  How odd!

    Incidental learning: I didn't know the user can choose which corner the editor axis can live in, and the overlap between some labels and it was getting on my nerves.  I've now set it to bottom left, much better.

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