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Spencer Fanuka

C4D to photoshop

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Hey guys,

I was curious about the workflow from C4D to photoshop. How often do you use photoshop on your renders. If not, what do you do for post-production. What do you do in photoshop? I am asking these questions because I want to do some post-production, but I don't really know what tutorials to look at to do some post. Also, in what type of situation do you use after effects vs photoshop( I would assume a still render uses photoshop and sims use after effects? Looking forward to your responses.




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Unless I have to do some advanced masking or other photo manipulation that is more suited to Photoshop  I almost always use After Effects, even for stills. For basic camera imperfection effects and color grading After Effects is just more intuitive and better in my opinion. Photoshop also doesn't support all the effects and blendingmodes in 32bit which is huge in my opinion. After Effects doesn't have this restriction, so you can apply more effects and have more control over your final image in AE.


Ultimately you'll have to find out for yourself though. Just try what you like more. For animation of course After Effects is king.

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I rarely find it essential to go the whole multi-pass route, so (in the case of still images) I mostly use PS just to spruce up and grade the single image I output from Cinema. But I pretty much always do that, as it means you have a stage in Production where you are just focused on colours and the overall final look and crop of the piece. Usually the changes I make there involve a sharpen to some degree, some curves or levels adjustments, occasional re-cropping, and because we have easy transfer into web formats like Jpeg, which Cinema used to be quite bad at generating itself. 



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@Spencer Fanuka My thinking is that if you're proficient in Photoshop or are an experienced retoucher, Photoshop is the way to go for stills.


My background long before 3D and motion is in photo retouching, so Photoshop is the go-to for almost all stills here at my studio.


In cases where we need the flexibility of using normal passes for relighting, we'll process everything in either Fusion or AE first, then output 32-bit EXRs to bring into Photoshop for the final retouching. We've found that for high end work, this give the best results and most flexibility.


Curious what you end up going with!

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