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Mograph A-Z Alphabet blend

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Hi Cafe

Whilst doodling with cinema today I wanted to play around with individual letters of the alphabet in mograph via a cloner.

Now I knew this setup wasn't going to work but it explains what Im after, i.e. drop an A and a Z text object into a cloner on blend mode with 26 clones and have it create the whole alphabet.

Is there a bit of xpresso that could make it work or a different set up to create all the letters to then drop into a cloner / fracture.

I could set up all 26 but Im both lazy as well as interested in a solution.


As always any help or suggestions most welcome.


Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 14.56.43.png

Mograph alphabet.c4d

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Hi Hrvoje

Thanks for that, just the sort of solution i was after, something where I can redo the type parameters down the line if required.

I like that trick with the plain effector and modify clone parameter. I don't quite understand that  "other" section of the effectors so its interesting to see that in use.

Still doodling I find myself with all the letters reversed when i put them on a 26 square plain object. Is there a way to reverse the sequence either in the OM or preferably with an effector or some other trick.

Also, if I change from iterate to random on the cloner and animate the seed, then the bottom right square of the plane doesn't change whilst all the rest are randomised, just wondered the reason for that.





Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 08.31.45.png

Mograph alphabet_0001.c4d

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