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Spencer Fanuka

Adding points to existing spline

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Hey yall,


So I'm trying to add points to an existing spline, but nothing seems to work. I've checked the manual but can't figure it out. Basically, I'm trying to create a square with an X in it. I want to extrude or sweep the spline eventually to make it an object. Help would be appreciated.



Spline question.png

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There are several ways to add a point:

Knife tool and just slice across the spline

In vertex mode right click and select "Add point". Click on the the spline to add a point

You can also right click and select "Subdivide" to add a point to each section


Hope this helps.

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11 hours ago, Spencer Fanuka said:

Basically, I'm trying to create a square with an X in it


Well that's impossible to do in 1 spline segment because it would break one of the main rules of spline modelling in that you cannot have a 3-way junction. Each point on a spline can only connect to 1 other point either side of it. So your X would have to be a different spline segment to the square surrounding it, and even the X itself couldn't be a single segment ! To try and sweep such a spline would also produce non-manifold / illegal geometry.



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Sorry I should have mentioned what Cerbera said. I just answered the bit about how to add points.

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