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Hey guys,


Not sure which part of animation this should be posted in but since it's moving it's dynamic?


I want to create a slime-shaped effect and have it move on a surface like a worm as in this video: 



is this created only with Cinema 4D or does it involve an additional plugin?


Also, any idea how i can do this? or maybe if there's a tutorial online for it? I tried researching slime animations but i couldn't find any of that sort, it's important that they move on the surface they're on..



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Thanks! wow that looks really simple. A question though, in order to have it animated , like it starts out a small circle then it starts growing and following the Spline path any idea this can be achieved using which animation technique?

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  • Cafe Crew

OK, there is a better way to do this. Forget what I said earlier 🙂


Draw a spline in one of the orthographic views, then hide it and make that the source spline for a MoSpline Object in Spline Mode. Then dump that under a metaball, and play with the End Parameter in the MoSpline to get it to grow on. Rinse and repeat for other splines.





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  • Cafe Crew

Oh, and I should probably say that as an alternative to drawing source splines, you can extract them from any polygon mesh using the Edge to splines  command under the mesh / spline menu.



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The GIF you sent is what im aiming for.


Check whats happening on my screen, not sure what ive done wrong. As soon as i start moving the "Start" or "End" the Spline becomes huge and it's not animating as intended..


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