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Animated Low Poly Sphere Question

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Hey guys,


I am trying to achieve something like this https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/video/clip-24589019-abstract-background-animation-waving-smooth-polygonal-surface

At the moment I have no idea how to approach this. 

Any tips and hints would be well appreciated. 🙏


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Good news - that's astonishingly easy to sort out ! 🙂

Get an icosa sphere of medium poly density and give it some basic noise-driven displacer deformer action (Animate the noise to get the movement).

Remove the phong tag from that to get the faceted look. It also gets a 100% reflective texture, and you need to make sure there are things in the scene that will give this something to reflect. Typically you would use an HDRI on a Sky object (hidden from camera with a compositing tag) for that.


The outer cage is probably a slightly larger icosa-sphere, animated in the same way but perhaps with a different noise seed value inside an atom array.





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