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Colored city scape w/ plane and deformer

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Hey guys, was wondering if it’s possible to create a city scape with a plane and deformer? And also have each building be different colors w/ Maybe like a gradient or a formula effector? 


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Yep. Several ways to go there. You could use a displacer deformer driven by Cell Noise on a very hi res plane (at least 300 x 300 segments) which would give you a blocky sort of 'city', or you could feed any image in there get different shapes in it, greyscale colour controlling height. Or you could use MoExtrude with a much lower poly plane. The rest of the deformers I would say aren't massively useful in creating whole cities, though they very much would be in making individual buildings. You can use Effectors on Primitives (Deformation mode set to points or polys) but not sure how much that helps you unless used  more in conjunction with other tools...


But if you use any of the methods above it would be very difficult to control colour on individual buildings that way, so the rather more obvious solution would be to do it with Mograph, where all the effectors can apply, and colour is easily controlled per building or with global gradients, or a mix of both...


OR IF you want a truly massive cityscape with millions of buildings you can even use hair on a plane, as in this epic Chris Schmidt technique...




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