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X-Particles Pouring Water not colliding

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Hey guys,

The liquid keeps escaping my shape although I used X-Particles Collider Tag as Static Mesh

as you can see the model does not hold all the liquid.


Added pictures and the link to the working file. Thanks,



Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 3.42.55 PM.png



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some basic things to change here.

Key is that you have to raise some settings in project settings like this.

Maybe not as high but I saw the other problem a bit later 😉

Try to avoid emitting from inside an existing fluid, this might cause problems from unexpected forces to be calculated. Just lift the emitter up - there is room enough - that it will spawn particles always on top of existing fluid level. Doing all this made it dense till end of simulation . Caching needed some minutes on my system.


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I would double check  your normals are facing the right way. I also think it could be an issue with your voxel size vs radius of the particles. I seem to recall hearing your voxel size needs to be smaller than the radius of the particles. A couple of "quick" tests I ran seemed to confirm that. I've never had much like getting x-particles to fill a glass very well/quickly. Would love to see your setup if you get it working!


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