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Emitting Screen Text under Specular


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Hey guys,


I have this model of a product all setup except whats underneath the Specular screen.


It's supposed to be basically a transparent screen with an LCD screen underneath it with text written on it in white as the attached.



How do you think would be a good way to do this? The text should be laid out on the round surface of the upper part so i don't know if i should add a MoText (on round surface?) or just duplicating the Specular shape and texturing it with an image of the text on black? (i tried the latter and it doesn't look good, i'm sure there are plenty of ways to get this done, but how to do it efficiently?)


thank you

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It's difficult to see if that text is on a clear sticker, but I'd guess it probably is. And if that is the case then I would make some separate geo for it and give it its own material, which would have a map in the transparency channel that makes the text opaque, and the label not.



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