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Anchoring Joint

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My first post. Hoping someone can help me. I think the solution is relatively easy i just cant figure it out. I am creating a tentacle similar to the one in this tutorial (using the same steps u to the 5:00 mark): 




What I was wondering if it is possible to anchor/tether the last joint of the tentacle so I can move the first one around freely, and have the rest undulate but have the last joint stay in place


Hope that makes sense! Thank you in advance! 

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RE:  if it is possible to anchor/tether the last joint of the tentacle so I can move the first one around freely, 

I can't check the video. But based on the description above, yes you can. You just need to have an IK without the dynamics. 

If you wish to have both (with and without dynamics), you'll need to have three joint chain. One is the base. Two is with dynamics. Three is without. Then have the One parent constrained with the two and three. 

If you haven't done  a set-up like that, try searching for IK and Switch. 

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