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Restricting Cloth from Object part

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(R17)  I'm using Cloth to give some thickness to a 'pumpkin', but I'd like to exclude the stem of the pumpkin from the cloth effect (it doesn't need it).

I've looked at the available Tags, especially Restriction, but they seem to have other functions.

An alternative would be to apply the Cloth Simulation ONLY to the other bits of the 'pumpkin', and how does one do that?  With a Polygon Selection Set?


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Cloth itself doesn't give thickness to anything - do you mean Cloth SDS ?

If so, there is simply no way to only partly apply this, and for very good reason, as partly thickened geometry would be broken geometry. You'll have to do your thickness properly, with extrudes OR split the model into thickened and non thickened parts.





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