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(R17) Clean edge in boolean hole?

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Imagine two essentially spherical, but lumpy, polygon shells, that you'd like to cut a hole thru, maintaining the illusion that it's really one thick rind.


My guess is the best way would have been to make the hole FIRST, then add thickness to the outer shell.  Too late now.

Instead, I'm trying to patch the edge of the hole where the Boolean has left a gap between the two shells.  Using Polygon Pen it's not too onerous, but is there a better way?  It's very twiddly.

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The better way would have been not to use the boole at all 😉

Always better to make a hole in the outer mesh using poly techniques then add any thickness...


But if you did use it, and now you need to repair the result, then stitch'n'sew is what you need to sew the outer shell to the inner one, but of course that can only work if there is the same amount of points on both sides, which there may well not be if you used a boole to do this - consistency is not a feature of that tool, which is yet another reason to avoid them.


If SnS can't work, then 'manual' is your only remaining choice, and your chances of getting a clean edge remain somewhat remote.



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I am about to post a GIF tip in the next couple of days where I show how to use Booles responsibly (ie in a way that doesn't f*ck up every subsequent operation) so you may find that useful...



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