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Difference between PNG Render Batches

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Hey guys,


I want to render a 3 minute animation video. I don't think my GPU will be able to handle rendering all the 3000 frames in one shot, so i have to do it in batches.


The problem im facing is that im dividing the frames that need to be rendered in sections, but in the outcome there is a difference of color between the last frame of the first batch and the first frame of the second batch.



Frame 100 of first batch, notice the reflection on spheres


Frame 101 of second batch, notice the reflection on spheres


If im gonna combine the PNGs later on into one video, this difference will definitely pop and look like an unwanted glitch or mistake. If i'm using the same video and dividing the rendering into batches why are there differences between last slide of X batch and first slide of Y batch? and how can i stop that to make them flow as intended originally in the video?


Thank you



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You on a mac?


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No, Windows.. Now i am forced to render the FULL video in one go in a much worse quality to avoid this from happening, but its not a solution..


Any idea how to fix this?

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A little note: the spheres are moving based on Audio File, I am using Sound Effector on a Randomized Cloner, and the spheres are moving frame by frame following the sound file. I noticed that even their location has differed from one render session to the other.. Its like the first 100 PNGs follow the movement correctly and coherently, but once i start with the second batch starting from 101 the exact location and reflection of spheres has differed from the various..


Maybe if i change the format of something relating to Sound Effector, or i convert the whole sphere movement as it is to be treated as object rather than respecting the sound file that would help? 

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The two pictures you show look to have the same color on the statue and changing colors within the transparent sphere as they move.   This is to be expected as they refract different parts of what is behind them.  Maybe you can show a different example, but I see nothing wrong.


For the spheres movement it's best to bake them out.  Bake everything out before rendering is always the best option.

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I just recorded my screen to better explain: 



Notice how between the frames 100 and 101 two or 3 spheres look drastically different although they come after one another in the sequence.


I baked the animation, but Octane's texture baking can't work because it seems to work only for static images, whereas in this scene the spheres are emitting different reflections as theyre moving. This difference is happening only between the LAST frame of X Batch and FIRST frame of Y Batch...

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