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Book Generator not working in r19

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Hey everyone, 


Been trying to get the Book Generator to work for the past hour, to no avail. I follow the instructions, create shelf, make it editable, select top polygon face and press Add on the Book Generator - nothing happens. The book count is on 0 and greyed out. 


Any ideas? 

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Hi Jenn,

Add  book generator to the scene with double click from content browser

Switch to polyobject (your shelf) and select polygon/s where you want to place books (could be single polygon as single shelf or multiple shelfs)

Now use HUD of book generator (not clicking into attribute manager, but directly in viewport into Head Up Display which was created by book generator.

Select first or second option. First means one group of books into single shelf (or multiple selected shelfs) and second one create group of books for every single selected shelf.

(you could see directly in Object manager created object/s "Selections" and clicking on it you can adjust parameters as you want.

You could also click in HUD to "Lowres mode" for better adjust/visibility and later switch back to high res back with the same switch...

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For multiple selected polygons/shelfs will be created another "Selection" objects with numbers 1, 2 etc. dependent on shelfs count...

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