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Python Scripting & Programming Tutorial

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I have started a new series of C4D Python tutorials on Patreon - current ones are all public so you can look at them for free. These are meant as an ongoing series for budding programmers and interested users who want to get a grip on scripting and Python plugin development.



The tutorials start with the very basics, from literals and expressions and variables and calculations, so there is no prior knowledge necessary. At the same time on the Cinema 4D API side, we start with linked objects and document lists to make the start as easy as possible.

  • You never programmed before? Then you'll be right at home here (some patience assumed).
  • You come from a different programming language? I included some hints for programmers who just want to get up to spec in Python.
  • You have prior Python knowledge? Then you can skim over the first posts - but don't miss out on the introduction of C4D concepts.
  • You don't want to program ever ever ever? Then you can still join us on this Patreon for the finished scripts, which will all be attached as files.


Is that needed? Well, there are many useful and vast resources on the web already (I may link some for further reading). But Python courses usually don't include C4D. The C4D Python API documentation is great, but there are so many classes and methods that it gets hard to find a swift access to it. On the PluginCafé, MAXON developers will help you out on API questions - but they can't program for you, or introduce you to programming basics. And then there is YouTube, but videos are maybe not the best way to present programming lessons. So, why not try a holistic and stepwise approach?


Thus, the name of the series is "Python: Spoonfed" 😉
It's embedded in my general project Patreon but you will be able to identify it by that title.



The series will run at least until we have gone through some useful scripts - whether we continue after that depends on the interest (namely, the number of patrons). Advanced scripts and extras will be patron-only.

At the moment, five posts are available with more to come. We are at the point where the C4D API starts to play a bigger role with references and tree walking, so don't hesitate, come in and join!



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The problem for anyone starting out wtih C4D Python is that the MAXON Python site is IMHO very complex and intimidating (maybe I should be generous and say 'very thorough' 😀 ), whilst most YouTube Python tutorials are about Python in general - not relating to C4D.


Cairyn's series of blogs fills the gap between those 2 extremes, in that it's about learning to use Python in C4D. I've just read the 1st 8 posts and I'd say it's a good place to start for C4D users with no coding experience.



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