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Frame Range Missmatch

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Hi all. Earlier I had a problem where the frame range I had selected to render was not was actually rendering.


TLDR? go straight to the Bottom of Post


For e.g. this Animation was 6601 frames long and in the Output settings I was selecting for render frames 825 to 6601. However when I hit render in the picture viewer or via the render queue it was trying to render frames 1031 to 8225. I'm like "WTH i don't even have that many frames". I tried a bunch of things, then search google and the Cafe for answers. I found some archive posts but no one had the solution. Or at least it wasn't the same problem. then I figured it out. So i thought for Archive purposes I would share the solution to my problem.


My project uses GSG's City Generator and its Project Setting (Not Output Settings) called for 24 Frames Per Seconds. But A Rigged and animated character I built and then merged into the scene created with GSG City Gen was created and set at 30 FPS. This meant that my output settings had 30 FPS and the Project settings had 24 FPS. I simply Changed the Project settings to 30 FPS and problem was solved.


I Probably could have changed the output settings to 24 FPS instead (But I prefer 30, esp if there's much motion or fast motion) Sadly though it meant two things: It meant that the 824 frames I had already rendered had to be tossed into the Recycle bin (Other wise the characters speed would have changed when I stitched all the 24 FPS frames with the later rendered 30 FPS Frames in After effects or Premiere etc. Its not too bad as this is about one nights render time @ about 1 min to 1.2 mins per frame. the down side is on an animation this long I will now have to render around 8250 frames or something instead of 6601 😕 Oh Well them's the breaks. Hopefully its worth it in the end


Hope This Helps


TLDR: Make sure both your Project settings and Output Settings match. if they are different i.e. one is 24 FPS and the other 30FPS you will get strange things happening with the Rendering of a frame range.

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