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Images on plane emitting light?

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An image applied to a plane object? If applied to a color channel and given a black and white version of the luminance is it able to emit light? 

Almost like the reference provided.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 12.51.26 PM.png

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No. Put the colour image directly in Luminance - if you use a black / white image there it'll illuminate white and wash out your colour channel rather than making it emit the right colour. But black parts will not emit at all, so if you have a green and blue sign and only want the green bits to illuminate then the map that goes in Luminance will have the blue parts replaced with black, but the green should stay as it is.



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If using C4D standard or physical GI also has to be enabled if you really want it to emit light to light up the scene from the sign.  If using Cycles, Redshift, or Octane it's different.  In Cycles it would be put on the emit node and it would work.

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