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Missing Projection Display in Viewports

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I cannot get my Projection Display to show up in my viewports.  R20, R21 ... new scene, old scenes..  fresh geometry with a simple bitmap applied.. nada.


I can change the Projection in the Attributes Manager (Flat, Spherical, Cubic, etc..) and I can switch Display types (Simple, Grid, Solid) but no visual feedback in my viewports.


Thought I had it 'off' somewhere so I selected Filter -> All and turned everything on, looked in the HUD etc. but cannot find an on/off for Projection Display.


I must be cray cray, because I swear I used to be able to change my texture size and placement based on the visual feedback of the Projection Display.


Switch I'm missing?






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Nope, that doesn't have a switch - if you are in Texture Mode, have the Object / Texture Tag selected you should be seeing something in the viewports unless the Tag is in UV Mapping Mode, where texture mapping is impossible. Could you post a screenshot of what you are getting when those conditions are met ?



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Funny - just seeing your post because I came back here to write that I discovered the problem was between my keyboard and the chair ... I 'just' saw that I wasn't going into Texture mode.


Thank you,



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