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toon FX setups

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On 10/18/2019 at 5:42 PM, everfresh said:

i've been recently experimenting a lot with cartoon sfx setups like water, fire, smoke, explosions and so on purely with mograph, fields and volumes. no particles, no plugins.

most fun i've had in a while, also i'm quite impressed what can be done with just the on-board tools.

just wanted so share those here too, since people seem to like them a lot on twitter, hope you'll like them as well.





Wow. I'm impressed! Pretty awesome stuff.  I'd love to watch a tutorial about the cartoon explosion, fire and water without plugins or particles. 

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1 hour ago, DasFrodo said:

That is some awesome stuff! Are you planning to do some tutorials on this, or at least provide the C4D files? I'd be really interested in how you achieved this stuff without any plugins.

noseman is making a tutorial about the general technique for cineversity. don't know how much he's going to cover though. 

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Your'e hired!
This work is so impressive - I have no words.
For me, C4D is a tool used to get the message through. And this technique is even more efficient for this purpose than all the super-realistic renderings in the world there is.


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