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Brick wall partial distruction

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Hello members,

I'm trying to punch a whole in a brick wall, while the rest of the wall stays standing solid.
I couldn't figure this out using dynamics ( I tried to on/off gravity, turn dynamics ON on collision,  increase follow position)

I have a feeling that Voronoi Fracture is the way to go, but I couldn't manage to get a relatively realistic brick arrangement, also the simulation took forever.


Did anyone have to build something similar that could share thoughts on this?


edit: I forgot to mention that I have this setup now as a mograph contraption, but it is far from any good  😄


Thanks folks 🙂

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I think MoGraph Selection is probably your friend here.. you can use that in the dynamics tag to make just some bricks react to stuff, like so.




Hopefully this simplified scene file will set you off on the right path. Also note that the selective Dynamics only become active on contact with the smashy thing by using the On Collision Mode of Dynamic Activation, which saves a lot of tedious pre-smash calculations and 'settling'.


Smashy Wall.c4d



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Omg! that gif is very close to what I imagined. I didn’t learn about mograph selection before, I’m giving this a try tonight. Thank you so much! 

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