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Hair as grass+Forester+connect objects

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I am trying to make a mountain. That mountain should have some grass scattered (but not on top of the mountain and not at the bottom...somewhere in the middle) and also some different trees and flora.

For the grass I used Hair from Cinema 4d (1 million hairs) and for the various trees I used the Forester plugin (I used several Multicloners+trees).

The mountain is a regular Landscape object from Cinema 4D with 1000 segments and 3500x3000x3500 cm.

After all these my viewport is slow like a snail. I want to use Connect Objects and Delete to make one single object from all these...but it's only half working. I get the mountain but I only get very few hairs as grass and none of the Forester multiclone trees.

See the image attached (on the #1 you see how it looks before applying Connect Object and Delete...on the #2 you see how it looks after applying Connect Object and Delete...and above all these you see how the objects look in my viewport before and after applying Connect Object and Delete (the mountain object, the Hair and Forester multicloners).


My question is how do I make all these one object so I can work with it and won't bring the viewport to a crawl? (I intend to add an explosion with Turbulence FD)


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First off, leave the hair right where it is, you will actually slow things down further if that becomes editable geo. Just turn down the number of hairs / guides you see in the viewport to get your speed back there.


It'll be the cloners that are slowing things down for the most part. You can set Level of Detail to low to reduce the viewport count, or try different modes of multi-instance to speed things up that way...


Don't know about Forester specifically, but you can try putting each cloner in a connect (weld off), then hitting C to make that editable, then once you have all the cloners done you can CO&D them together into a single mesh. That is what will speed thing up most, but then of course you've lost all your editablility, so I wouldn't do that unless nothing else was working...



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