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Tightening SDS Corners

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Hello, new member here. Been learning the software for the last year or so but the deeper I go the more I need some advice, so I signed up here.


Whats the best way to approach modelling this logo?  i've been following MILG 11 and have used the polygon pen to trace the model flat but I can't solve it without using lots of polygons. The main issue I have is the acute angles (left pic circled). Pic on the right is the look I'm trying to achieve. Perhaps this is a really obvious thing to solve but any advice is welcome.


Cheeky Logo.jpg

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Yep, Bezo has got there before me to explain. At the moment your edge flow follows the perimeter of the shape which is usually a good thing, EXCEPT when you need massively sharp corners on something. For that you need to 'cross the streams' so to speak, as he ably demonstrates... it worked in Ghostbusters, and it works here ! There  should be diamond polys at the junctions if you have done that right...



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Thanks for the responses. After some trial and error I have some good results with this and accepted that i'd have to settle for a high only count to get the details I wanted.

Now I have a new issue.

The Logo sits on a disc which I have made using a disc object and extruding (create caps was checked) to create thickness and a bezel. Now I want to bevel the edges. I have optimised the mesh and the polygon normals are all facing the correct way (yellow outwards). Bevel mode: Solid, offset: Fixed distance. The geometry breaks and several normals reverse direction. Ive uploaded the project, please tell me whats wrong!

Logo 011.c4d

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When you extrude outer ring of polygons on the disc, maybe you have enabled "Create Caps" (maybe you forgot to turn it off after using it in the past, so there needs to be careful to turn it off always after use to prevent "bad" meshes later...) and there was created also another ring of polygons at the base of extrusion. This "bad ring of polygons" cause random oriented polygon normals of mesh and uneven/crazy bevel with selected edge loop.

In attached example is aligned normals of polygons correctly and removed bad/inside ring of polygons. In selection are three egde loops as example...

Logo 012.zip

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The 'Create Caps' option snagged me a lot too when I was learning. Luckily, you can avoid it if you use the Move tool + CMD/CTRL with any faces selected in poly mode. This is situational. When used on a closed volume, this method will always produce an extrusion without those inner cap polys. If used on flat polys, it will produce an open volume (no backface), so in that situation the Extrude tool would be used if you wanted the backface capped automatically. Happy extruding!

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