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in C4D, I have a animation of a cloth falling to an object, baked as a alembic. I would like to correct some of the wrinkles, smooth out the kinks, enhance some deformation.


I tried to add a pose morph tag, point mode, add a pose with a correctional PSD (like in a character workflow) but any time I'm editing the geo, the geo goes back to its original place (alembic tag).


I also tried to access the point via a correction deformer. It worked for a given time only. It's not relative to the original points.

I'm missing something, my brain is fried.


Any help on how I could do that?

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Alembic is external format so it draws all data from "outside". What you can try is (not in front of machine atm so can't try) is create a copy of the mesh and use posemorph to drive it by alembic file, then add some other morphs to it...

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