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Soft Selection on spline- no workee (R17

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I seriously thought this would be easy-peasy:

I've got a spline (pictured)  It's flat in the XZ plane, but I'd like to have the back higher than the front.  I figured I'd move the modeling axis to the back (+Z) side of the spline, turn on Linear Falloff/Soft Selection, and raise up the back in the Right View.

But what happened was, if all the spline points are Selected, no falloff occurs at all.  (Is selecting ALL a mis-step?)  All the points move at once, with no falloff.

I think I have a fundamental confusion* as to how falloff AKA "Soft Selection" works (confused by using other apps which treat it differently).  If you were to approach this situation, how would you go about it?  Basically, I want to "shear" the points such that the +Z most points gracefully curve up along the +Y axis.

Thanks.  (Scene attached.)

*as witnessed by another question I posted a year ago, also asking about a "shear" tool.  I thought I understood Soft Selection enug to make it work this time.... 😪😪😪



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It looks like MAGNET is the only viable option.

I'm not sure why the programmers felt this restriction should be necessary, since really the user is moving points, and splines are composed of points just like polygons.  The same code could address both.

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1 hour ago, jericsynrgy said:

I'm not sure why the programmers felt this restriction should be necessary

The points of splines are not the same thing as the points in polygon objects. Just because they both look like orange dots doesn't mean they don't have wildly differing functionality and coding requirements.

AFAIK, the spline functionality was developed entirely separately from the polygon functionality, which might explain why is there is often no overlap between them. Ask yourself how many polygon tools work with splines ? It's about 2 of them, and they are both special cases, and the exception rather than the rule.



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