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Tracer Wire Coil Test Issue

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I've attached my project file and I'm trying to get the wire in my scene to snap into place and straighten out as it's being constructed.  I'm somewhat new to C4D but my idea of PLA on the spline path is kind of working but doesn't really update the tracer paths that have already been..traced.  Is this the best way to achieve this?  Thanks for any tips.


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Not entirely clear what your after, i have posted a partial solution below to straighten the cable but it doesn't close up the end where the star is biggest. Those parts have already been traced so there is no mechanism to shrink them again.

Matching straight spline to bendy is just a case of tracing it straight and then using a spline deformer on the sweep to move that to the bendy spline.

EG below. 



PS removed animated size from your sweep so I could see it clearer.


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This works.  Took me a second to wrap my head around what you did but I see why it needs to traced straight first then deformed with the Spline Wrap you added.  It's fine if the start doesn't close up since the camera will be so far past that point it will be way out of frame.  


I'm basically breaking apart this intro.  It's old, client wants it on alpha and of course project files are nowhere to be found 🙂



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Blimey, happens so quick. Still a bit for you to do then. Theres a plugin that does those rope winding tricks but can't remember the name of it at the mo.




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Yeah, most of it was done in AE though which is good for me, I may still have those files.  Please let me know if you can think of it.  I've come across a lot of tutorials while searching this technique and figured there must be a god like plug in out there somewhere for this exact purpose. 

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