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Subd: few >>many polys

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Here's the south end of a cartoon turkey I'm working on:

What's a good way to add the fan of turkey tail feathers?  I'd like this to be all sub-d structure, but getting from the sparse geometry of the body to, say,  12 to 18 'feathers' is stumping me.  They don't have to be at all realistic, the more cartoony the better really, but I'd like to have a nice polyflow.  I'm especially interested in not adding a bunch of superfluous edge loops to the body to accommodate the easy extrusion of the feathers.

Tnx for suggestions!



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I'd take the unnecessary edges out of the neck then smooth subdivide (the command, not SDS object) the whole mesh to L1 or L2. That should give you enough polys to work with to add tail feathers, and is, I'd say, the most 'correct' way to do it. If you don't want to do that, then you'll have to do it with manual step-downs, but without any picture reference, or sketches as to what you are aiming for it is hard to advise specifically. Additionally, R17 really doesn't help in that you can't cut mid way into a polygon which makes designing these sort of edge flows a not inconsiderable PITA which I'd venture is another reason why the right way is also the best option you have.


But as you've asked, here is one way to step up from 2 polys to 16, from which you can hopefully see the general idea...





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  • I eventually just bruteforced it into an all-quad thing: the tricky bit was (of course) serially reducing to the final quad.

    As ever.


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