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Clone a cylinder to each poly?

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I meant to ask this last night. I'm away from my computer at the moment, but I got stumped last night trying to figure out how to clone one of these cylinders into the middle of each polygon on the surface. I think the reason I'm having extra trouble is because I don't want them right on the surface, but instead sticking through into the octahedron shape a short ways because I want to boole a bunch of divots out of it. I'm sure someone knows how to achieve this with very little headache.

Annotation 2019-11-04 170019.png

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"Align Clone" checked, "Up Vector" None, "Distribution" Polygon Center - this will use the poly's surface normal to make the clone's z axis point outward. The cylinders need to be oriented in the z axis, naturally.




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That's what was wrong. My cylinders were oriented in the default Y+ axis. I wonder why they don't give you the option to check which orientation you'd like to use. Such a simple problem, but if you don't think of it because that's just how c4d defaults to making cylinders you'd never know.

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well yeah, but I mean in the cloner HAHA. It just didn't dawn on me that you'd have to use the cylinder's orientation to direct how the clones went. now that I see it it's obvious, but I kept looking in the cloner settings for it. thanks for the help guys.

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