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Switch perspective cam to frontal cam?

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Hi everyone,
I would like some help, I deconstruct my business logo in cinema 4d

My idea is to make some animations and the last shot is the logo constructing pass through perspective camera to no perspective camera (like 2d or frontal camera)
How can I change perspective camera to frontal camera view?
thanks Fernando.

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You can't, or at least not in the way you are probably thinking. But you can give your perspective camera settings that are very close to orthographic, and keyframe those to achieve the effect you're after and the transition between them. Just set your Focal length in the Camera / Object settings to something bigger than SuperTele, and you'll have something very close to an orthographic view but accessible through a perspective camera. You will also have to adjust (and animate) the dollying-back of that camera (obviously) so that your scene continues to fit in frame as focal length transitions.



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Since you can add multiple camera objects, you can adjust them as needed and use Stage object for animation...

(or camera morph for some " floating transition" effects 🙂 )

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    On 06/11/2019 at 17:24, Cerbera said:

    Você não pode, ou pelo menos não da maneira que provavelmente está pensando. Mas você pode definir as configurações da câmera em perspectiva muito próximas à ortográfica e defini-las como quadro-chave para obter o efeito desejado e a transição entre elas. Basta definir sua distância focal nas configurações de Câmera / Objeto para algo maior que o SuperTele, e você terá algo muito próximo a uma vista ortográfica, mas acessível através de uma câmera em perspectiva. Você também terá que ajustar (e animar) a parte traseira da câmera (obviamente) para que sua cena continue a se enquadrar no quadro conforme a transição da distância focal.



    Hi Cerbera, I found a simple solution, change perspective camera to parallel camera. It works perfectly, because I made some shots in different angles and the last one I used this parallel camera.

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