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Advanced Cmotion walk/bending?

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Hey peeps,


So i'm using cmotion to create this walk cycle..

we all know how c-motions starts out with just the sliding and bobbing of the root and the legs.

i'm trying to add in some toe curves and animate the heels as well?  


I watched this tutorial of this guy who's doing exactly what i'm trying to do, but it's in another language so i'm having trouble figuring out how he did it.

It look's like he's clicking on the joing and then adding it to the cmotion chain which will allow you to animate it from there, but everytime I click a joint the c-motion window just disappears.


i started to get the curving of the foot with the controls pannel under the leg joint but when i try to rotate the heel the number seems to jump back to where it originally was so I can't rotate it? I also can't find any of my keyframes under the animation layout? smh the key doesn't show on the timeline but it's still animating. 


😞 please help. 


here's my file. 






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I used Cmotion earlier this year to make a spider walk from scratch. You need to add the objects or controllers to the Objects list.  Above this is the Actions list.  This list has all the types of movement you need from position rotation in all directions.  With the object selected press the Add button.  The action is added to that object.  When you select the action added your see the properties for that action.  You can stack actions so they work in tandem.


In the small scene below your see how I made a cube walk along a path spline.


Hope that helps.



cube walk.c4d

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thats the problem i'm having. it's all one mesh.

am I able to select the controller for the object and add that under the corresponding part?


for example in my rig I have the left and right leg but i HAVE THE CONTROLLERS FOR THE KNEE, heel, toe, etc...

can i add those controllers to it by selecting it in my viewport and clicking add? idk if i can because when i click the controller and click back on cmotion it deselects and goes back to the root.

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21 minutes ago, SwoopNebula said:

can i add those controllers to it by selecting it in my viewport and clicking add?

The Add button is not to add objects joints or controllers, its to add a action to them once you drag n drop the objects into the cmotion objects list.  You dont add controllers from the view port, but from the object manager.



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